FB video downloader

FB Video Downloader designed to download videos from Facebook.com, without redirecting you to a third party websites. Simply click Download FB video button above the video file and save Facebook video directly to your computer in a minutes! Now you know how to download videos from facebook.com in a simplest way:)

VK Music

We've built an extension, which brings you an option to download audio tracks from Vkontakte in a single click with a correct tracks name. VK Music Download works equally perfect with any Vkontakte design and allows to save mp3 from vk.com in a seconds.


Want to check weather forecast for New York, while staying in London? Forecast Mate allows you to get the weather updates for any place in the world, simply by typing "check" + city directly from your Chrome search box! Plus, you'll always stay up to date with your current weather conditions, click the Forecast Mate icon to see the 5 days forecast for your current city, which is detected automatically!


Antiminer blocks any hidden miners on every website you visit! Antiminer Miner Blocker allows you to prevent cryptojacking scripts from mining using your CPU.

UnBlock VK

Fast and safe block bypass for Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Yandex, Mail.ru, Kinopoisk and Lifejournal in Ukraine and rest of the world

QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator allows you to Create QR Code for website link, image, selected text or iframe. Generate QR code for any content!

Currency Converter

The simplest currency converter with multiple feature. Convert Multiple currencies simultaneously, convert in-page currencies automatically. Exchange rates are always up to date. All data provided by Yahoo! Finance, so you can be sure that you're receiving true numbers.